Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pass the Carrots - and the Cake

We all have the best of intentions - but sometimes intentions aren't enough. How many times have I said that I was going to lose the same 10 pounds for the wedding, the party, the reunion, get the picture. And I really do mean to lose the weight and to be good for those months. But then life happens and I realize that the event is in one week and I'm still the same size I was.


In those situations, I must say that I love that I have a way out. What does that mean? Well, there is something called the Kymaro body shaper, and I wear it under my clothes. It smooths out all of my lines and makes me look shapely. I feel great when I'm wearing it and can suddenly go to the party feeling like the million bucks that I had planned to diet to get to.

It's really a great invention. Yes, I'll still try to lose the weight, but in the meantime - pass the cake and the Kymaro!