Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kymaro Body Shapers Give Away

The blog Faithfully Frugal and Free has an amazing baby shower giveaway at the moment. Products are being donated from a large range of sponsors including: PakNak Charms, Bummas, Southern Babies.com, HAPPYBABY, EcoStore, Baby Everywhere, Kymaro with two Kymaro Body Shapers, and so many more.

You can enter just one time or can be part of the daily entry and can find all of the details to enter on fathfullyfrugal-and-free.com. Come and give it a try – you just might win!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Real Moms Trying out Kymaro Body Shapers

Mary, the mom and blogger at 512Kidz recently tried out a pair of Kymaro New Body & Bottom Shapers. She wore the shapers to her daughter’s friend’s birthday party and was very happy with the sleek look that they created. As she said, “The New Body Shaper is extremely effective as it smoothes out those rolls, though it moves with you.”

She explained that she was even able to squeeze into her skinny jeans with the Kymaro New Body Shaper and Bottom Shaper. Enjoy her full review and see what real people are saying about Kymaro!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kymaro's "Say Yes to the Prom Dress" Contest

If you’re thinking about going to prom, but feeling nervous about your looks – Kymaro has come along with a great nationwide contest. The Kymaro “Say Yes to the Prom Dress” contest is inviting high school students to submit a one page essay to a specific facebook page about why they don’t want to attend their prom.

Kymaro will then pick five lucky winners who will enjoy a $2000 makeover which will include a new prom dress and accessories, two free prom tickets and transportation to and from the prom. The contest is taking place now – from April to June in five regions. Contestants can try their luck by submitting their essay to the Kymaro facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kymaro/166322507384?ref=search&sid=585024261.1623339206..1.