Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kymaro’s Rechargeable Hair Straightener: “On the Go” and “Give a Way”

In a recent post for Black Nail Polish and Lip Gloss the Kymaro Rechargeable Hair Straightener is reviewed. The review mentions the many features of the Kymaro Rechargeable Hair Straightener that makes it perfect enough to “travel the world.” It’s cordless and rechargeable, it comes with a car charger and it has universal adapters.

The review mentions how the Kymaro Hair Straightener could be used for one’s own travels or for a friend/colleague who often travels. This reviewer decides to gift it “to a friend who travels to hospitals and nursing homes to do hair for those unable to travel to a salon.”

The post ends with the reviewer providing her readers with a chance to win their own Kymaro Hair Straightener giveaway! “I have one of these brand new just for one of my lovely readers” she states. “Since it is universal this giveaway is open internationally!” Rules and the entry form are then provided.

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